fraudulentfeminist asked:

I just saw your addition to the street harassment post. Valid point. However, I thought I'd let you know that it wasn't a "men can't win" sort of comment. I really meant that you can't win against feminist reasoning, since it circles itself so much. If that makes sense?

recoveringsjw answered:

I don’t think “I feel bad that I don’t get sexually harassed” is part of feminist reasoning. It’s one person’s opinion, not part of the general feminist belief system, so calling feminism circular doesn’t work. It just means that you can’t please every person all the time, especially when you’re talking about a large, spread out group like feminists.

But I understand your pint.

I’ve seen it before, though better expressed; “isn’t it messed up that I feel jealous of women who get street harassment, because at least they get noticed?”

It’s an understandable feeling, I think. As long as one admits that it’s not right.